Good morning and welcome back to my channel. In today’s vlog, I’m going to, be taking you with me along for a presentation that I’m doing at City Bank. It’s a presentation on the determination that I’m going to be doing to the call centre staff. I want to just take you along for the day as per normal vlog, but I also wanted to use this vlog as an opportunity to talk about like speaking gigs and entrepreneurs and whether or not I think you should do them when you are in the startup phase.

My opinion is like a little bit different to most people and that I actually think you shouldn’t do speaking gigs when you’re starting up as an entrepreneur because I think they can be a major distraction and it’s very difficult to measure whether there’s like an actual return on investment for them. I think like early on you’re better off just really focusing on your business and building that up and then as you have more time, you can take on more speaking gigs so for me like I didn’t do any speaking gigs probably in the first like five years of business. Then once the company was at a point that it didn’t impact the business for me to step out because we had employees and people who were essentially running the business, it meant that I could take a few hours out or I could travel to a conference and do a speaking gig and it wouldn’t impact the business in a negative way.

In the vlog, I’m going to talk about how I prepare for the presentation, just some tips and tricks in general. I’m going to show you quickly my slides. This is awfully boring. And then if you’re new to my vlogs, you may not know that for every vlog I make, I test out some sort of camera equipment and I use different video editing software for every vlog I make. That’s sort of the point of these vlogs. I use them as a way to test out the equipment and then do reviews on them. Today’s vlog is being filmed on an iPhone 6 with a Moment wide lens and I haven’t picked what video editing software I’m going to do so stay tuned to find out. If you want to know about the review of those products, definitely subscribe but for now, I’ve got to go practice my presentation and I’ll check back in with you real soon.

So I’ve just parked at Road Shopping Center and I’m a little bit early so I’m just going to chill here for a little while and go through my presentation some more, but I thought it might be a good opportunity for me to talk about how I prepare and how I put together this presentation. I really talked about it being about determination and talking about my sort of entrepreneurial journey and everything like that.

How I actually form it all together is that instead of writing a speech, what I will do is just write some dot points and I will imagine those dot points as what I would put on the PowerPoint slides and I like to keep my slides like very, very brief like four or five dot points max and very, very short. It’s more so just a (inaudible) for me as opposed to something for the audience to read.

I would have started this presentation maybe like a week ago where I would have just really roughly written out the dot points and then I would have expanded on them slightly in a Google Doc, but instead of like going ahead and then like sort of writing out a full presentation, what I actually do is I make a recording of myself talking through the notes and sort of like on the fly working out what I’m going to say and then as I’m doing that, I start typing and put more to the presentation. That’ll be like sort of like my first run. Then maybe I’ll leave it a few days and then I’ll say okay let me record a version of it that I’m going to use as a way to rehearse. Because if you’re doing a 45-minute presentation, it’s a bit boring trying to like say it over and over and over again, like it takes 45 minutes every time you get to do that. So what I do instead is I’ll make a recording of the presentation that I’m going to do and then I’ll listen to it like while I’m driving or cooking or doing whatever so that it’s sort of like I’m learning it even though I’m not having to stop what I’m doing and say the presentation out loud. I had a version probably like on Monday that I would have recorded and I don’t know if I want to show them to you or not because it’s like I’ve got no makeup on and got like terrible hair. But for the sake of showing the behind-the-scenes, I may slice that in now.

Good afternoon everyone! I’m Elise Daniels, the founder and director of Exodus Wear. I’d like to start by thanking you all for giving up your lunchtime and deciding to spend it with me.

That’s how I sort of like formed all together and then this morning, I had hoped to last night film like the last version of it and then I was going to listen to that this morning as I was driving here, but I had just so much worth to do last night so I ended up getting up early this morning recording a version of the presentation and then that’s what I listened to as I was driving here and that’s sort of like what I’ll just go through now. I’m a big believer in don’t rehearse a speech because I feel like when you try and rehearse a speech and then you get really nervous if you forget parts of it or if you’d like to say it differently. Whereas if you don’t really work out exactly what you’re going to say but more of an overall like what you’re going to say in general, then you can do a different version of it every single time. That’s how I prepared for this presentation. I’m not feeling super nervous. I sort of think that if you know your stuff and so it’s like I’m talking about entrepreneurship and talking about our business and talking about customer experience, I know all about that. If someone said, can you please go and like present this presentation on climate change or something, I think oh god, I don’t know anything about that. I feel like when you know your stuff, it’s a lot easier.

The other thing as well is that I am a big believer in Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that you have to clock your 10,000 hours and then you become an expert at something. So for me, in high school, I was in SLC and I was captain and so I do heaps of debating, public speaking, just speeches in general for the school, and so then I went on to uni and did heaps of presentations there and I felt like by the time I got my first like a full-time job I already probably clocked my 10,000 hours and so I don’t feel as nervous now. I think if you’re only just starting out in doing presentations to people, it’s inevitable that you’ll probably like feel nervous. It gets easier with time.

I am going to just go through my presentation one last time, check my emails and all that sort of stuff and then I’ll head in. The only thing is I don’t know if I can film while I’m in there. I might try and film a little bit. If not, I will check back with you afterwards and let you know how it all went. See you soon.


Alrighty, so I’m back home and as you would have seen I didn’t really get to film much at the presentation. They’re having a few technical issues because they were like conference calling in all the other states and people from around the world which was really exciting. We had questions from Singapore. It was cool but yes there was a bit of technical stuff that they were doing literally probably like to the eleventh hour. They were trying to get the conference call working and mic-ing me up and everything like that so I just very quickly did just a very like small bit of filming to show you what was in the room.

I’m back home now and I wanted to just sum up by I guess finishing what I like started talking about earlier in terms of whether or not you should do speaking gigs. I just want to like put a few final thoughts in. Something that people ask me all the time is whether or not you get paid for speaking gigs and honestly, no. Very, very rarely unless you’re really like a major top entrepreneur will you get paid the speaking gigs. A lot of the time, you might get some sort of like contra deal where it might be like if it’s a conference, they’ll give you tickets to the conference or tickets to like a gala dinner or something like that. Generally, you don’t get paid for it and so you often have to like cover your own expenses in terms of travel and everything like that.

It can be quite a big endeavour which is why I always say to people that you really need to think about whether or not it’s going to be worthwhile. I think you need to work out like are there going to be people in the room that could potentially buy your product or is it going to have an impact in your business on your business in a big way because if not, I just don’t think you should do it especially when you start out. Because if I think about today, I left the house probably like at 10, I’ve gotten back now to 2 o’clock, that first part of the morning anyway was me rehearsing, I in the last week or so has spent time on the presentation and when you add up all of that time that you could have spent on your business, if you’re a sole trader that is really, really like critical time. Whereas, I guess I’m fortunate that like while I was off doing this, the team was still working so it doesn’t really like have a big cost.

If you want to know why I do it, for me, when I started as an entrepreneur, I always used to go to like free talks where there was like people talking about entrepreneurship. Back then, there wasn’t a lot truthfully like in the last few years, entrepreneurship has had like a bit of a like (inaudible) and so now there’s like so many conferences and stuff like that you can go to. But 10 years ago, there was very little that you could go to. Whenever I’d go to like a free event and someone was speaking, I thought it was really cool that they were giving back to the community. So I always said to myself like once I reach a certain level of success, I’d love to do that and I’d like to share my knowledge and I guess impart what I’ve learned along the way. I love teaching as well. I love mentoring people and so this is sort of just like doing it on a bigger scale. I guess that’s why I do it.

In terms of how I started out, it just all happened really organically, to be honest. I can’t even remember the first thing I did, but it might have been like I did—no, I remember actually now. Someone wanted to do—oh god I wish I’d remember the story. Basically, I did my first speaking gig—can’t remember how I got that. They might have been a call out or something like that I can’t remember if for people to share a story or something.

Anyway, I did the first speaking gig and then in that audience was someone who was looking for a speaker for another event and then you know from that event someone else recommended me to someone else who needed a speaker and it so just went round and round. Then other things like people have seen like my Facebook Live that I’ve done and then asked me to come and talk about that particular topic at that conference. It wasn’t that I like sort out it was like oh I want to go do speaking gigs. How am I going to do it?

Now, I just want to sum up and say like if you’re an entrepreneur starting a business and you’re thinking about doing speaking gigs, my personal opinion would be focussing on your business for now. Really, really put in as much effort as you can into all aspects of that, work on your website, all that sort of stuff and worry about speaking gigs later.

If you are going to do speaking gigs try and do ones that may be in the weekends or of an evening and try and like really restrict yourself so that you’re not working on the presentation throughout the day and stuff. Don’t let it be a distraction to your business because it’s so easy to say I’m really busy and working on this presentation, but at the end of the day will that presentation actually generate any sales for you or not? I think it’s good and it’s something that probably most entrepreneurs will experience throughout their journey, but it’s not the be-all and end-all.

I hope that this little mini vlog that I’ve made has shown you a bit behind the scenes of what it’s like committing to a speaking gig and how I prepare and everything like that. If you’ve got any questions related to speaking or that’s of stuff, definitely like leave a comment below. As I mentioned at the start of this video, there’ll also be more videos that I’m going to make where I’m going to review this Moment lens which is attached to my phone. FYI, it’s really heavy which is why I’ve been changing my hands all the time. Then I might end up editing this on a video editing app, but I’m not sure yet.

Definitely, please subscribe below. I upload new videos every Monday and Friday and then I have some surprise mini vlogs come out on Wednesdays. I look forward to seeing you in my next video.