Hi! Welcome back to my channel. In today’s vlog, I’m taking you behind-the-scenes on a photo shoot for some new corporate headshots that I’m getting taken. I’m also going to share my tips and tricks so they may help you if you’re looking to have some photos taken for yourself. Now, I personally absolutely hate having my photo shoot for my headshots. I absolutely dread it. I do it once a year. I book out a studio. I get my hair and makeup is done. I get a photographer and all that of sort of stuff.

I know it’s a big outlay of cost, but I’d much rather do that then have a journalist call me at the last minute and say, hey we want to put you in this story, but we need a photo and we’re sending a photographer out now. I’d just be like no, thank you. I’d pass. I’d much rather be able to get my hair, my makeup done, have a good outfit, my Spanx on. If the photo ends up going in a newspaper or online or something like that, lots and lots of people will see it forever more, so I much rather know that I feel comfortable with the photos that are being used.

The idea is that you want to bring lots of options because you’d be surprised at how quickly you’ll go through the photos of you in a particular outfit. I like to have lots of neutral colours like I don’t have a lot of patterns. Definitely, I want to have light versus dark. A wide option a black option because you just never know on the daylighting all that sort of stuff what’s going to work so definitely best to bring more rather than less.

Okay, so these are the looks that I’m wearing today. I bring nude shoes and black high heels. I put a few different outfits. I’ve got like a casually polka-dotted dress. I have a much more formal like a corporate dress. I have two different neutral tops which I’ll wear with my black leather skirt and then I have a more like fashion top dress I guess you want to call it. A little bit less corporate-y. If you don’t feel like you have something appropriate to wear, don’t be afraid to rent some items. I rented this dress from Glam Corner. Some of the other stuff is my own, but just give yourself heaps of options that you’re not stuck just like one outfit to use. Something else that is a must is Spanx. Bring all the Spanx because I’m no model and so if I have to have professional photos taken, I want everything all tucked in. I want it to look as good as possible. So yeah, just every pair of Spanx you have—bring them.

With my makeup, I just like to get it done at Sephora or Napoleon, one of those places where you can actually redeem the cost of the makeup of products. At Sephora, it only cost me $85. I got all these products. I got the Philosophy Kiss Me Tonight lip treatment, Dior sheer mascara, Sephora makeup remover and then these like cotton buds that you break and inside it has makeup remover.

I’ll show you a little bit close-up of my makeup. I know it probably looks a bit intense, but you’d be surprised when you get the photos done of like how like quite natural it will come out. Don’t ([inaudible)but better to get a bit more intense of what you think you should. This is what I’m calling like the natural look.

I have my MAC Blot Powder with me which was recommended by Kate from Thankly. It is a must if you’re going to be on a photo shoot because you can just use it to get rid of all that shininess which you don’t want on a photo shoot.

Because it’s a big outlay of cost, I make sure I’m super organized with everything. I actually have this checklist that I bring with me. It’s like a shots checklist. Essentially, I’ve just written that I need to get close-up, portrait, landscape, and straight. I want one set of front on, looking sideways, arms crossed. Even just different things like sometimes a journal will say like I need a landscape shot of you. You need to be the right or left of centre and I needed blank space so then that way I can put some text over the top of it. I just like to have every single option possible.

And then for every outfit, I’ve like put the column at the end there so that I can actually take it off as we go so then that way I don’t get to the end and be like, man, I forgot to take a full-length shot in the blue dress. So I just like to have a checklist and the photographer and I will just check it off as we go. If you’re interested in what’s in my checklist, just comment below and I will tell you what shots that I recommend that you get.

I’m no model so I actually find it very difficult to take good photographs, so what I do is I bring some example photos that I like. Now, this is actually my friend Taryn Williams. She’s a very successful entrepreneur and runs a modelling agency. She’s also an ex-model so she has amazing headshots. I recommend Googling her if you want to like get ideas for poses like backgrounds and all that sort of stuff.

I just finished the photo shoot and I am absolutely exhausted. I’m not even being sarcastic when I say that that was like so hard. I honestly don’t know how models do it. I just feel like so awkward the whole time and just try to get the right poses and like open your eyes and smiling and whatever. It’s done for another year.

My last tip for you is don’t waste your good hair and your good makeup. Make the most of it. I’m going out to dinner tonight in Surrey Hills, which I’m looking forward to. Now if you’re new to my channel, you may not know that for every vlog that I make, I also make a video about how I made that vlog, what equipment I used what editing software, I use so if you want to know the behind-the-scenes of this vlog, make sure you subscribe to this channel to see when that video comes out. See you next time.