Hi! I’m Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with the video. If you’re new to my channel, you may not know that for about the last three months, I’ve been vlogging. I have mixed emotions about what I feel about vlogging. I’m not 100% certain if I could count myself a vlogger yet, but pretty much, I’ve got mixed emotions. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you five things that I like about vlogging and then in a separate video, I’m going to do five things that I dislike about vlogging.

To give you a little bit of context, I love the video and I’ve made videos all my life. But I made a different style of video. Traditionally, I was always behind the camera where I would be filming other people like my friends and family. I would be filming special occasions or get together or trips. The other thing is that when it was mainly videos where it was just myself and my husband and it was like about trips, I very rarely ever put any talking in. If I did put talking in, it was sort of like I was filming like something that we were seeing and I may have talked on the footage, but very often, I would get rid of that. My style of the video was to sort of montage all my clips together and put it to a song. So very rarely do you hear me talking? Having to flip that camera around and sort of make me the focal point has been an interesting journey.

Here’s the first thing that I like about vlogging. What I like about video in general and that’s keeping a record of your life. For me, I absolutely love to just go back and re-watch videos that I’ve made sometimes of like the most boring thing or sometimes as basic of just watching videos on my dog. There’s something about a video that captures the moments so much more than say photo does that for me, vlogging has just really emphasized that by really capturing what’s really going on in my life in a regular basis. I think the thing that vlogging has captured more than my previous videos is that it’s captured more of my personality. I think you see me more in my vlogs as opposed to my past videos. So I really liked that future generations will be able to watch back and see something about what I was like and what my personality was like and what I enjoyed doing. That’s probably the thing that I loved the most about vlogging is that I feel like I’m essentially keeping a video diary and a record of my life that future generations will get to watch if they want to.

The second thing that I absolutely love about vlogging is that creative outlet. You may not know that I have another business and that business has been in existence for nearly 10 years now. It’s at the point where I have employees. I have a lot of people who have their own responsibilities in the company. Even though I actually studied marketing and that was what I always wanted to do, it’s not necessarily how I get to spend my time in the business. As the CEO, I spend a lot of time on finances and operations, which to be honest, is not my favorite responsibilities but as the CEO I know that it’s really critical for the success of the company and so I have to keep (inaudible) and I have to make sure that everything is going really well in the company.

What I love about vlogging is that it’s all creativity. I just get to think about what I’m going to create and how I’m going to create it. The thing that I love the most is that is that I control the process from start to finish. There’s no team or employees that I have to sort of get their opinion on or check in with. I get to control the whole thing which is quite fun, to be honest.

The other thing is that there’s no return on investment that I have to make. At the moment, vlogging is all about a passion for me. It’s not to make money. For me, I just love that I get to make something and I don’t have to worry about if we spend this much on an ad, are we actually going to get people convert through and buy a product or anything like that. For me, I’m absolutely loving being in control of the whole creative process and not having to worry about whether or not it’s actually going to return sales or anything like that.

The third thing that I’m absolutely loving about vlogging is seeing the world from a new perspective. I absolutely love Sydney and me always the architecture and just love the city in general and looking around, but now that I’m vlogging, it’s like I’m seeing the city with a whole new set of eyes. It’s like things that I never notice before I see because I’m always trying to find something beautiful to have a backdrop or some great (inaudible) footage. I’m always looking around now and really paying attention to what people are doing around me on how the city looks or how a place that I’m at looks.

For me, I think that’s being one of the most amazing things. It’s weird though that like seeing something through a camera, you see things clearer that when you actually see it in real life. I think everyone’s really busy and we’ve got so much going on in our lives. It’s really easy to just power through the day and not look around and so for me, having to start a vlog or trying to capture some footage or whatever and just seeing things that I never noticed before has really given me this appreciation for vlogging. I just love that not only did I experience it at the time, but now I also have that record of it that I can re-watch or show to other people later.

The fourth thing that I love about vlogging which sort of relates to that is that I found that I’m more motivated to explore. Even with just being at home, sometimes I’m more motivated to go do something because I think oh, I want to film something for my viewers, but where I found this the most has been travelling. I was recently in Hamilton, Ireland, and it was sort of those holidays where you just vege out and do nothing which is great but there was a part of me that going ugh, I’d love to capture a beautiful sunset for my vlog or I like to capture this or that.

I actually found myself getting more motivated to go do stuff because I wanted to capture it for the vlog and now, there’s some beautiful footage that I have but also some beautiful moments that I had on that trip that may not have happened if I wasn’t motivated because I wanted to vlog. I’ve experienced that when I’ve travelled before where sometimes I’m tired or sick or this happened. So even though you’re in the most amazing city in the world, sometimes you just want to veg out and eat pizza and watch TV, so you do that which is totally fine. But I think sometimes, you want to make the most of an experience as well. I think vlogging can really help you do that because it really gets you motivate to go out there and just find something beautiful and do something unique or just have an amazing experience so that you can capture that moment and share it with people.

That brings me to point #5 which is I’m loving sharing the footage. I think the thing that I’m loving about vlogging is about not only am I capturing these sort of like diary of my life and sharing it with my friends and family, but I’m doing it to a wider audience and I’m now connecting with people all over the world and finding people with similar interests or similar humor and just creating friends all over the world. I think that one of the most beautiful things vlogging can do is connect you with people and in our modern world where I feel like we’re supposedly more connected but it sort of doesn’t necessarily feel that way like we’re also hiding behind screens, it sort of good to like even though we may be connecting through screens, it’s not just a one-way interaction.

I feel like with vlogging, it’s like I share something with you guys and then you guys comment and tell me what you think about it. I’m just loving that. I just love that there’s this diary, I guess, of my life now that I’m sharing it and it’s going to be around for a long time for people to watch.

If you’re thinking about starting to vlog, I really hope that this video motivates you. It’s been fun. I’ve actually enjoyed it. I did tell you that I have had some mixed emotions so I am going to make a separate video with the five things that I dislike about vlogging. If you want to see that video, definitely subscribe so that you’ll get notified when it’s out. I put up videos every Monday and Friday and sometimes some extra vlogs on Wednesdays. If you like this video, give a thumbs up so I’ll know to make more videos like this and hopefully you guys have enjoyed it and will enjoy some of my future videos coming out. I hope to see you guys then.