Hi! I’m Elyse of Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with a video. If you watched my first vlog which was all about setting up my home YouTube studio, you would have seen that I used my iPhone to film it with a selfie stick and then I edited it on Windows Movie Maker.

So today’s video is going to be a review of Windows Movie Maker. I wanted to start with Windows Movie Maker because I’m a PC user. Shock! I know I don’t use a Mac. I don’t have anything against Macs. I’ve just always used PC. I’ve never really tried Mac. I will be trying out a Mac and give you a review later, but for now, I am a PC user and Windows Movie Maker comes for free so I thought it would be the perfect software to start with because it’s for free and it comes inclusive of any PC that you own.

Here’s my verdict. I think it’s good. It’s not Adobe Premiere Pro, but if you’re starting out, I think that it’s actually a really good software to use. The reason why is because it’s easy. Honestly, the only things you really need to know how to use is how to input your clips which, yes, it takes a little while, but start the important and go do something else.

The only other tool that I really use was this split tool. I watch a clip and then I would split it where I wanted to create an endpoint and then delete on my keyboard to get rid of the rest of the footage.

Honestly, all I did was drag and drop my clips around. The most I did was maybe editing the speed of a couple of pieces of footage, but honestly very little. Most of the time, all the editing hours doing was just snipping up all the clips, moving them around, which Windows Movie Maker was absolutely fine to do.

I should put a disclaimer that I had been editing videos for a number of years and I do typically use Premiere Pro so I sometimes compare to Premiere Pro when I’m doing these reviews, but something that I found that I didn’t really like the Movie Maker was the timeline. I’m more accustomed to a timeline running along the bottom of the screen and having a split between multiple video lines and multiple audio lines.

The one thing that I really struggled with in terms of Movie Maker was actually audio. If you watch my vlog, you’ll see that I had different songs at different times throughout the vlog and with Premiere Pro, it’s really not a problem to sort of drag a line of audio to the next one and move it all around. Whereas with Movie Maker, when you add in a line of a audio, and let’s say you go back and clip up your clips and they become shorter, your audio doesn’t adjust to accommodate with it. I found that a lot of the time, my audio and my video weren’t lining up. If I like got rid a piece of audio and sort of moved all of the clips to the left, for me, that was the most difficult thing. But I think if I was to edit it again with Movie Maker, all I would do differently this time is really get my video 100% right, all my edits done and then I would go do video at the end which sometimes is hard because sometimes the audio impacts what you edit but I think it’s a bit of a workaround. That’s how I would handle the situation.

A couple of other things that I didn’t really like or couldn’t find the functionality, one was zooming in a clip that I really framed properly when I was filming. I couldn’t really adjust that in the editing phase. The other thing is you can’t watch and edit at the same time. Something I will be doing say, in Premiere Pro, is I’ll be watching the video as I’ve edited it and I’ll be like sort of moving along the timeline and deleting an old clip and sort of adjusting a forward clip but you can’t do that in Windows Movie Maker. As soon as you go to adjust anything, it just stops playing the preview. The last things I didn’t really like about the Movie Maker were the animations and transitions. I personally think that animations and transitions are just something that is really hard to work with and you have to be a really good editor like I’m really not someone who’s capable of doing transitions at the moment because I think more often than not, they look cheesy and just make your project look like a high school editing video.

For me, I think you should just ignore all the animations and all of the transitions. The only ones that I’d probably look out would be fade in and fade out to black. Probably just steer away from them if you’re starting out and you’re trying to create a semi-professional looking video.
All in all, my review of Windows Movie Maker is pretty positive. I think if you’re starting out, I honestly would just use Movie Maker if you’ve got it available on your PC. If you’ve got the funds to upgrade something, I would probably suggest upgrading your lighting or upgrading your camera before you adjust your editing software because I think a lot of the more powerful editing software which you pay monthly subscriptions to, you’re probably not going to use the functionality because it takes a long time to actually learn how to use it all. I’ve been using Premiere Pro for a number of years now and honestly, probably I only use 5% of the whole suite of effects and what you can use with the program, but I use Photoshop and Illustrator so it sort of makes sense for me to use Premiere Pro because it comes with my Creative suite subscription.
Honestly, if you’re just starting out, would definitely use Windows Movie Maker. There are a lot of tutorials online that can show you really easily how to edit videos and particular vlogs. Like I said, if you’re going to spend your money on anything, there are probably other things that I would upgrade before upgrading your editing software. If you haven’t watched the vlog, I will also put the link to that in the description below.

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