Good morning! It’s Sunday at about 11:30. We’re just heading off to Paddington because we’re filming some videos today. My friend Kate, who is the owner of Bondi Vet, she has another start-up called Thankly, which is like a small thank you gifts. Someone’s being dusty. We packed some nice banana bread for Emma.   

Kate: My god, you packed it, like cut up, and everything.

Emma: Yes. I’m a good mum. She has another business called Thankly and we’re doing this video series today which is all about things that you’re thankful for, people that you’re thankful for. She’s interviewing I think five or six female entrepreneurs. We’re heading there now. We’ll see you there soon.


Elyse: We made it to Paddington so now we’re going to Thankly HQ to film the video.


Kate: Elyse, tell us what is your full name and your title.

Elyse: Hi! I’m Elyse Daniels and I’m the founder and director of Exodus Wear.

I’ve always had this real like zestful life almost like to the point of being manic where I have to like make every moment count and I think it’s because I just know that life (inaudible). You don’t know when you’re going to pass away and so for me, I think to see that someone who was just healthy and normal and some of that I saw every single day of my life and then the next moment they were gone, for me I think that I just didn’t want to waste my life. I wanted to make the most of it. That was a really pivotal moment for me.

All done! It’s Emma’s turn next. She’s excited!

So Kate, who’s a professional model, by the way, has got this hack—so what is this?

Kate: This is actually MAC blot powder. It’s like the TV blot powder. If you’re on camera like you have to have this.

Elyse: I’m going to Mac straight after this.

Elyse: Kate, why do you have a rent-a-room kitten with you?

Kate: Patik is actually a patient of mine, but her mom and dad have actually gone away for a week. I’m the lucky vet that gets to look after her.

Elyse: Because on top of having Thankly, Kate is also a vet and a model and just freaking fabulous. Voice-over artist.

Alright, that is filming done and dusted. It’s such a beautiful day in Sydney that I’m going to go check out Paddington. I’m going to go the MAC store buy that product that Kate recommended because she’s a model and if she recommends a beauty product, I just go buy it. We’ll walk around Paddington a little bit.


Alrighty, I’m done with work for today so I’m about to go catch up with a friend. If you’re new to my channel, make sure that you subscribe below because I make vlogs but I also make videos about how I make vlogs. So for every vlog I make, I make a behind the scenes view where I talk about what equipment and what video editing software I use. Make sure to subscribe and look out for that video.