Hi! I’m Elyse from Synoply, your synopsis of everything to do with video. Now, if you watched my first vlog, it was all about setting up my home at YouTube studio and I was able to set the whole studio up for less than $500. That vlog is 20 minutes long and so I know that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes and a lot of information in that video and so I wanted to create just a quick summary video of how I was able to put together a home YouTube studio for under $500.

The first thing I did was I picked wallpaper as my backdrop instead of buying a professional backdrop. This wallpaper I bought off eBay and it was only $72 and I don’t even think I used the whole roll. I know one struggle you may have is that you may think well, I don’t have anywhere that I can have a permanent wall wallpapered to use as a YouTube studio. An alternative to that, I’ve thought about, is if you got a piece of stuff like NDF or something that you could actually wallpaper and then move that around or put it in storage and get it out when you actually want to do the filming. But you don’t have to pick a backdrop like mine. Even if it’s just a nice textured backdrop that actually could look nice in your bedroom or your study that you could use as a YouTube backdrop, it’s a very cost-effective way instead of buying sort of rolls of that backdrop and having to have stands and all that sort of equipment.

When it came to lights, I tested out a few different types of lights and also was considering renting versus buying. In the end, I opted for some lights that I found on eBay for $74 including shipping which came with three lights. Honestly, I think that they are more than satisfactory for a beginner YouTuber. I don’t know what you think. Let me know if you think the lighting of this video is good enough, but to be honest I’m quite happy for this to be where I start out with. I don’t want to go too in depth because I actually have two separate videos—one is more in detail about the lights that I purchase and then I also have a demonstration video because the one thing that these lights didn’t come with was instructions on how to set them up. Everything that I sort of talked about today, I will link the other videos in the description below.

One of the biggest investments in your YouTube studio is obviously going to be your camera and when it came to making the decision of what camera to use for my studio, I looked at both buying versus renting and ended up deciding to rent a Canon 70D from Camera Corp and it actually cost me $62 per month to rent a three month minimum. For me, I just saw that a camera was such a huge investment and I wanted to test out the Canon 70D before buying. To be honest I don’t know if I would ever actually buy now because when you look at the comparison of renting say, for two years versus upgrading in camera every two years, you sort of end up at a pretty similar point to be honest. I have another separate video which I’ll link in the description below, which is all about why you should rent at your first YouTube studio camera.

Now, one thing your camera doesn’t come with is a memory card so I purchased this 128GB SanDisk Extreme memory card from JV Hi-Fi. This was actually really expensive. It was a $169, I think, but the thing is I got 128GB, so you could definitely buy a smaller memory card.

Obviously, you’re just going to have to transfer your footage on a more regular basis which, to be honest in hindsight, I find that after a day of filming, I take everything off my memory card anyway and so I’ve nowhere near come close to filling the 128GB capacity. The only situation where I think you might need it is if you, say, are going for a weekend away or something like that and doing filming for the whole weekend and you don’t have your laptop to transfer onto, then you might need it. But to be honest, I more often than not after a day of filming, I like to take everything of my camera and organize my footage into folders anyway so then that way it makes the process of editing it quicker, which I have another video about tips to edit your videos quicker. I’ll link in the description below because that is one of my tips—get your footage off your camera at the end of every day.

The next purchase I made for my camera was the Rode VideoMic Go which was $89, I think from a Store DJ. To be honest, when you’re filming quite close like this you can pretty much get away without using a microphone, but having the microphone it does make it a little bit more versatile for you to do some further away shots. It’s not a big investment and it does definitely make the quality a little bit better and so, so easy to use. You literally just plug it straight into the camera and so you don’t have to worry about sort of matching external audio to your video footage and lining it all up in the editing process. It just lifts your footage that a little bit more for not a not a big investment.

The last piece of equipment which I purchased and I completely regret my purchase was a tripod. I ended up spending I think about $120 on it. Worst decision I ever made, which is why I’m not showing you what it is and recommending it because I actually have a separate video again, where I recommend or provide tips on what you need to look out for when buying a tripod. I actually think you can get away with a very cheap basic tripod especially if it’s being used for YouTube filming in a studio setting. If you’re looking for a tripod that’s much more versatile that you can take out and do you know into all terrains and do some filming then, maybe consider a more expensive tripod. Honestly, the most basic, cheapest tripod you can get is probably sufficient for a YouTube studio. Like I said watch that video with the tips.

I hope you don’t mind that I’m referring you to all these other videos, but I just wanted this video to be a summary. If you’re interested in any particular part of it, if you want to know more about the lights, you can go and watch that video about the lights.

Obviously, I didn’t mention that I have a seat that I’m sitting on, but honestly you can buy or use any seat that you have so I’m not including that in the $500 total.

So there you go. That’s how I put together my home YouTube studio for under $500. I have to say, I am so happy with it. It makes filming so much easier because I just have everything set up and it’s so easy to just start making videos and you know produce content on a really regular basis.

I hope that you found this video helpful. If you did, please give it alike. That’s how I know to make more videos like this. If you want to see more from me, I upload every Monday Wednesday and Friday. If you subscribe, you will get notified about my next video. I hope to see you then.