Fun fact about me…I don’t watch TV. Haha yes, I know a lot of people think it is weird but I hate the traditional format of TV shows where you get a block of episodes for 10 weeks of the year and then you have to wait another year before getting the next lot of episodes. I am not patient at all so this format just really doesn’t work for me. Instead I spend my time watching YouTube and in particular, I love watching vloggers.

If you have read our About Us page you will know that I am an entrepreneur and started my first business at 21. When I was at Uni there were no courses on Entrepreneurship so you had to learn first hand. I was lucky enough to learn from my Dad who is also an entrepreneur but for any questions he couldn’t answer I would go to free talks, read books and watch videos. One of my favourite ways to get advice from entrepreneurs these days is to watch vloggers on YouTube.


Gary Vaynerchuk


There is nothing I dislike more than so-called ‘Entrepreneurs’ trying to sell you a false dream of what entrepreneurship looks like. I can’t stand seeing Facebook ads with photos of ‘entrepreneurs’ sitting poolside, drinking a cocktail, while they earn passive income. What I love about Gary Vee is that he is straight talking and shows the reality of what it takes to build an empire the size that he runs. He is also a YouTube veteran because he got his first big break when his YouTube channel Wine Library TV rose to fame.

I actually like Gary so much that when he was on a recent trip to Sydney I snap-chatted him to ask if we could meet up because I couldn’t make it to his talk during the day. He ended up doing a meet and greet in the lobby of his hotel and for the first time in my life, I stalked a celebrity! It was a very different crowd compared to the usual teenage girls who haunt hotel lobbies looking for a glimpse of their favourite musician but it was sun a fun experience for me!

Click here to check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s channel


Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is one of the top entrepreneurs on YouTube but she is only new to vlogging. Her videos traditionally are scripted, shot in studio and are focused on teaching a topic or answering a question. After 6 years on YouTube she has now started vlogging and we now get to see more of Marie and her life as an entrepreneur.


Click here to check out Marie Forleo’s channel


Erin Henry


I like that Erin started her channel at the very beginning of her business journey so we have been able to watch her grow and progress with. For start-up entrepreneurs, it can be really great to see people going through similar situations to you. She is also an Aussie so it is great watching a fellow female entrepreneur vlogger.


Click here to check out Marie Forleo’s channel

I hope you enjoyed this post. I am going to be sharing my favourite vloggers in a variety of different categories and I would love if you could share your recommendations as well. There is nothing worse than being bored and not having a new video to watch from one favourite vloggers. To check out my other vloggers check out the My Favourite Vloggers page.