Hi and welcome to Synoply. Synoply is your synopsis of everything to do with video.


I’m Elyse and I’m a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. This channel is all about my two passions—business and video. I started my first business Exodus Wear when I was 21. I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit so that’s probably going to be a big part of this channel. The other thing that I’m really passionate about and has always been my number one hobby was making videos. I’ve always made videos of my travels, of family get-togethers, and just all different parts of my life.
You’ve probably heard that video is becoming more and more popular. A recent study by Cisco says that 78% of all mobile traffic will actually be video by 2021. It’s just going to become a bigger part of everyone’s lives. For me, I just thought it was the perfect timing to take my passions and combine them into one which is why I’ve created Synoply.

To start off, Synoply is going to be a YouTube channel and a blog but I really hope that it’s one day going to become my second business. A big part of this channel is going to be documenting what I eventually do with this. I have no idea what Synoply is going to be in the future. All I know is that our mission is to help people create and share videos.

What I’m going to be doing in this channel is just learning as much as I possibly can about video. I’ll be testing out all sorts of different equipments. I’ll be testing out different editing software. I’ll be doing reviews and sharing everything that I learn with you guys as I learn it.
I’m not super technical. There’s not going to be a lot of jargon in this channel. You’re probably best off going to experts for that. But if you’re someone who likes to see and learn from first-hand experience like me, you’ll probably enjoy seeing me use all the different equipment and software and then editing it and telling you what I think as I go.

The other thing I’m going to test out is vlogging. I have no idea if my life is interesting enough to vlog, but I’m going to try.


What I’ve decided is that I am going to use a different piece of equipment and different editing software for every single vlog that I make. That means that as I’m making the vlog, I’m sort of learning about vlogging. It’s kind of going to be a vlog documenting me learning to vlog. But the other thing is that it’s going to allow you guys to get to know me a bit better and hopefully create a community of interested people who want to learn more about video.

The first vlog that is going to come out is actually going to be the vlog of setting up my home YouTube studio. It was a process that took three months. I didn’t really know what I was doing so I sort of documented how the whole process worked and what equipment I bought and all of that good stuff. That will be coming up next.


Because there’s going to be a lot going on like my vlogs and then editing software reviews and camera reviews and YouTube advice, if you are interested in a specific topic, I’m actually going to create playlists so that you can just jump straight to the videos related to that topic.

The last thing I want to ask is whether you guys have any questions. If you’re making videos for personal or for your business and you have been struggling with what equipment to use or you don’t really know where to start, I’d love it if you put some questions in the comments below because then I’ll go and make videos specifically on those topics for you guys.

If any of this sounds intriguing please consider subscribing because I’ll be uploading videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s going to be a mix of things whether it’s vlogs or reviews advice. I’m probably going to put a few videos where you guys can get to know me as well. There’s going to be a lot to watch and I really hope that you guys enjoy watching me on this journey.