Video editing can be a laborious task. Besides the many developments in video editing software it is still a very manual process and depending on the type of video can take hours to get to the end product. While practice makes perfect and the more you edit the quicker you get there are actually some tricks I have found which makes the video editing process and you can do them before you even open your laptop.

  • Film in small segments 

Instead of just having your camera rolling you should stop and start filming so you have lots of little clips. It makes it so much easier to find specific footage than if you have to open up one super long clip and watch it.

  • Clap when you make a mistake 

If you clap when you make a mistake this will create a spike in your audio line that you can look out for. This works especially well when you are filming in the studio as the sound is generally at a stable level as there is no background noise.

  • Have copyright free music ready to go 

In a previous post, I mentioned that finding good royalty free music can sometimes take as long as editing the video itself. To speed up this process I have a folder of copyright free music ready to go for any upcoming projects. I save them into folders based on style or vocal and non-vocal so it is quick to get to the right sound for your video

If you are having trouble finding copyright music check out our post on how to find royalty free music for your videos.

  • Create templates

Depending on what video editing software you are using you can normally create templates of title slides, have your logo overlay saved and your background music already on the audio file. Another template to have saved is the one you use to create your thumbnails. I use Adobe Illustrator but Canva is a great free tool as well.

  • Give yourself a video length limit 

Unless you have a devoted audience most people are not going to give up their time on a 30-minute video of an unknown person which may end up being completely boring. To make sure people watch your video keep it as short as possible. I like to limit myself to the length of a song; so between 3 and 5 minutes.

This works especially well in travel videos which are mainly just a mash-up of clips and not much talking. Vlogs are a bit harder but when you are starting out try to make your vlogs as short as possible so people are willing to take a chance on watching one of your videos and then you can increase the length as you go.

  • Edit some more!

Rewatch the video again and see if you can edit out more. Even if it is one second here and another second there it all adds up. Are there any similar clips which are essentially double ups. Could you just pick the best of the two? If it doesn’t impact the story you are trying to tell in any way then get rid of it. One of the things I always go back and get rid of is footage of food or eating. It is really not that entertaining for the person watching unless you are filming a cooking show or food safari.

  • Stay on top of you Footage

One of the hardest things is going over your footage. At the end of each day, I always transfer my footage to my laptop and while it is fresh in my mind move the best clips into a separate folder. This makes it so much easier when you go to edit which might be weeks away. By then you could have forgotten what most of the footage is like and you will have to go rewatch it all.

We hope that these tips will help speed up your video editing process. For related posts check out our Video Editing section.