You may have read my previous post on 5 reasons I like Vlogging but if you haven’t it might be a good post to read before reading this one. If you would rather jump straight into this post the quick summary is that I have been vlogging for 3 months now with roughly one vlog per week and I am having mixed emotions about whether I like it or not. I think there are positives and negatives and since I have already gone through the positives in today’s post I am going to be going through what I don’t like about Vlogging.

  • Encroachment on Quality time 

As a busy entrepreneur, it can already be challenging to carve out quality time with my loved ones. I have a rule of no technology at the dinner table and try my best to put my phone away when I am with family and friends. When I have filmed videos in the past for fun I never felt like I was encroaching on quality time because more often than not I was making a video just for my family and friends to watch and we all had fun in the process of filming it. I also never stopped to explain to the camera what was happening whereas now I am explaining to my followers what is happening because they are not there. I have given myself some rules like no vlogging while having dinner with my husband or on a date. When I am vlogging with friends or family around I keep it to a minimum and even if the quality isn’t great I just film what I can in the moment without my vlog becoming the main focus.

  • Privacy concerns

Following on from my point above something that I have really struggled with is how to find a balance between creating great content but respecting people’s privacy at the same time. Just because I have made the decision to vlog doesn’t mean everyone around me also signed up for it. Many of my friends and family members don’t have any social media accounts and so would not like the idea of being in a public video. For this reason more often than not where there have been big groups I elect not to vlog because it is really hard to know whether everyone is happy to participate or not. More recently I have tried to vlog even when in big groups but focused the camera more on me or a select few friends and family who I know are ok to be in the vlog. Even though I am only vlogging for fun at the moment it feels more like a business because I know I can earn money from YouTube if people watch my vlogs. Part of me feels like I am exploiting my friends and family to make money. I know this seems extreme but I want to be honest and would love to know if anyone else has felt like this.

  • Feeling like I needed to be ‘on’

Being a normal person I have my good days and my bad ones but vlogging has made me feel the pressure to be ‘on’. Tell me if I am wrong but I don’t think people watch to watch a vlog of someone in a bad mood and not enjoying themselves. There have been days where I planned to vlog but a challenge has come up at work that I have had to focus my full attention on it and didn’t feel like I could pretend I didn’t have a care in the World where in reality I was really stressed out. I am proud to say that in those moments I have chosen not to vlog and just deal with how I am feeling. As I get more comfortable with vlogging I may choose to share more of these moments but I am also a big believer in that some things should be kept private.

  • Self conscious

I would have to describe myself as a fairly confident person but I have to admit that when vlogging I have sometimes feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Because vlogging is more often than not done while you are out and about there are generally people around watching. If I vlog from home I don’t feel self-conscious at all but I am still getting used to doing it in public. When I have friends around I find it easier but being by myself talking to camera out in public still feels weird. I am sure it is something I will get used to

  • Vlogging is a BIG commitment 

Vlogging is a bit commitment. While the end product may be a 5 minute video the time and effort that goes into filming and editing that video can be hours. On top of running a business and trying to maintain a balance with my personal life, it can be difficult especially when you are trying to get multiple videos out each week which is generally what is required to be successful in vlogging.


I hope this post has opened your eyes to some of the challenges that can come along with vlogging. It if is something that you are considering trying out then consider reading my post on why you should vlog. For me personally, the positives outweigh the negatives and I am going to keep vlogging. I am only a few months in so I hope once I become more experienced I can learn to find a balance to not intrude on quality time with friends or family or invade someone’s privacy. As I get better I think I will feel less self-conscious and get better at editing which will reduce the workload. If you would like to watch my vlogs you can check them out on our YouTube channel.