Before starting Synoply I filmed some videos for my company and while I enjoyed the process and wanted to film more videos I noticed very quickly that there were quite a few excuses that kept popping up over and over again as to why I couldn’t. One of the ones that came up the most was “I have nothing to wear”.

I happen to be quite minimalist and so I don’t own a lot of clothes in general. I very quickly went through most of my clothes that I thought were appropriate for filming and I was worried that people might say something if I was wearing the same clothes again. This is honestly something that I shouldn’t have worried too much about and if you have to reuse the same clothes to film more videos it is not a problem at all.

However, when I started Synoply I wanted to get rid of this issue completely and decided that I would have a YouTube uniform. It’s probably a term you haven’t heard before (because I just made it up) but I think it is something that all YouTubers should consider if they are finding a lack of wardrobe options as a reason their videos aren’t being made. Think about some of the top entrepreneurs in the World like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. They create uniforms for themselves to remove the time and hassle it would take to decide what to wear each day.

For my uniform, I decided on a branded t-shirt with my logo on it. When I started my channel I treated it like a business from day one (you can read more about that here) and so I already had a logo, brand colours and a particular aesthetic I was going for. Custom apparel is also something I happen to know a lot about.  You may now know I own another business called Exodus Wear which manufactures custom jackets and apparel so this seemed like a logical step for me. I was able to get one of my factories to manufacture the shirt in the perfect PMS colour, fabric and design I wanted. It would have also been possible to get a black or white t-shirt and print my logo on it but because of my background, I wanted my shirts to stand out.

If you don’t want to go down the path of custom apparel you can go to Kmart or Walmart if you are in the US and find an outfit that you like and buy 10 of them. I know at Kmart you can get t-shirts for $3 so your total investment is only going to be $30. You want to make sure you have plenty of spares because you don’t want the excuse that your Youtube uniform is in the wash to replace the ‘I have nothing to wear’ excuse.

One positive side effect of having a Youtube uniform from day one is that your videos now become much more recognisable because they are always consistent. If you combine your youtube uniform with a consistent background it means that as people are scrolling through YouTube they are going to be able to quickly identify which videos are yours without even having to read the title or click on the video. This is a great advantage as YouTube becomes more and more saturated with content.

If you are interested in more ways to be consistent on Youtube stay tuned because I will be doing a more in-depth post with all the ways to stay consistent.