Quora is a website that’s mission is to ‘share and grow the world’s knowledge’. It’s kind of like Google but for strictly learning purposes. The idea is to unlock the knowledge that’s known by individuals in the world and to share it! This way we can learn more and understand more about something from people that actually know!

Quora is asking the questions that people want to know the answers to.

On May 16th, Quora launched a beta version of their native video player. This is because some questions like ‘How to use a foam roller or people asking for make-up advice would greatly benefit from a video demonstration.

Authors in the beta group will be able to record and upload videos using the Quora app on iOS and Android. These answers can then be viewed by everyone on Quora, just like the other answers. The answer could be completely using video or as a supplementary text.

Beta is focussing on a small number of topics right now, where videos are an effective way to answer questions such as beauty, cooking, fitness and parenting. These videos will be reviewed by the moderators at Quora and subject to the rules and regulations.

We’re excited to see video being applied to educational situations and seeing the great benefit that it has to help people learn all around the world. Head on over to Quora to find out more!