Since social video and video advertising have skyrocketed over the past few years, it makes sense that advertisers want to learn more about how well their videos are doing over Facebook. In the past, it was possible for the re-sharers of these videos to have access to insights on the videos but this has all changed.

From now on, the access that re-sharers will have to the statistics regarding their Facebook videos will be limited to knowing the general aggregated information and general demographics. They will also be able to see the graph detailing paid and organic activity.

Here’s a summary of what statistics will now be available to creators and re-sharers on Facebook.

Aggregated InformationRetention Graph
General DemographicAverage watch time
Graph of video daily views30 second views
Organic vs. paid activityBreakdown of views (autoplay/click-to-play etc.)
Minutes viewed
10 second views
Sound metrics
Which pages are sharing their videos
Bug fixes

So if you’re running your business on Facebook or trying to gain a following on your page, this information is definitely relevant to you. Knowing your audience’s response to advertising is key in improving it and tailoring it to them.

Regardless of whether you’re re-sharing or creating, take advantage of the insights that are available to you in order to improve your marketing!

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