I am very excited to announce that we are going to be launching our YouTube channel in the coming weeks. While we have dabbled in YouTube before we decided to do some research before launching our channel. We want to hit the ground running with producing high-quality videos that will get us a following as quickly as possible. For that reason, I thought it might be worthwhile doing a course beforehand.

Initially, I planned to start with the YouTube Creator Academy but I found there were so many individual courses in the academy that it was all a bit overwhelming and I didn’t know where to begin. I have done some Udemy courses in the past and decided to look there instead. A quick search of the term ‘YouTube’ brought up a number of courses. The first listing was the YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to Youtube. It is a best-selling course and has over 1,500 ratings. It currently has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

The course was created by Phil Ebiner, who teaches online courses in photography, videography but also has successful YouTube channels. It has 6 hours of video across 104 lectures broken into the following sections:

  • Section 1: Introduction – Start here
  • Section 2: Starting your YouTube Channel from zero with Mike & Lauren
  • Section 3: Complete Walk-Through of the Creator Studio
  • Section 4: YouTube Best Practices
  • Section 5: How to get Views without Subscribers
  • Section 6: Converting Views to Subscribers
  • Section 7: YouTube tips with Mike
  • Section 8: Equipment for Creating Amazing Videos
  • Section 9: How we make our videos with Mike & Lauren
  • Section 10: Posting & Optimising your Videos
  • Section 11: Designing a Better YouTube Channel
  • Section 12:  Growing your Audience and Getting more Subscribers
  • Section 13: Measuring Results with Analytics
  • Section 14: Making Money with YouTube
  • Section 15: Conclusion
  • Section 16: Bonuses – YouTube Graphics and More

One challenge for me is that I have a short attention span so 6 hours of lectures was a challenge to get through; especially the lectures that were just screen captures. I ended up picking a weekend where I didn’t have a lot on and just watched them in couple of batches. One little pet peeve for me was that quite a few of the early videos did not have the audio and video synced. Being a course on making a career out of videos this almost put me off but I am glad that I went ahead and did the course because I found it very valuable.

Some key takeaways I got from the course were:

  • Just start – don’t worry about quality to start. Too many people worry about producing high-quality content that they don’t end up creating anything.
  • Pick a niche – this can be a challenge when you first start out because you may not know what you want your channel to be about but the most successful channels are all about a niche topic
  • Consistency is key – when you start out the chances are no one is going to be watching your videos but the only way to grow a following is to stick to a schedule and constantly uploading. The audience will come.
  • Create evergreen content – this is especially important if you want YouTube to be your career because your goal will be to earn ad money on those videos and your best chance of that is creating something that can be watched for years
  • Interact with your audience – make sure your read and respond to all your comments
  • Be authentic – if you try and copy another successful YouTuber your chances of success aren’t great. Don’t forget that they became successful because they had their own unique style. You just need to find what yours is
  • You need to promote your videos outside of YouTube – while YouTube may be the second biggest search engine in the World but there is currrently over 400 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute so just because you have a video on there doesn’t necessarily mean people will find it. Share it on social media, send it to your newsletter subscribers, submit it to websites like Reddit etc.
  • Start with short videos – Phil recommends under 5 minutes because it can be hard to convince people who don’t know you to watch longer videos

If you are like me and get distracted easily I would skip to the following lectures or the bolded sections as they had the most helpful content.

Key lectures:

  • Section 4, Lecture 25 – Think about Sustainability & Discoverability  
  • Section 5, Lecture 34 – Keyword Planning
  • Section 5, Lecture 35 – Google Keyword Planner – Walkthrough
  • Section 6, Lecture 38 – Why care about subscribers?
  • Section 8, Lecture 52 – Which microphone should you use?
  • Section 8, Lecture 57 – Workflow and time management tips
  • Section 9 – How we make our videos with Mike & Lauren
  • Section 10 – Posting & Optimising your Videos
  • Section 11, Lecture 75 – Creating Custom Channel Art – Demonstration
  • Section 12, Lecture 82 – How to Create a Video Ad on YouTube
  • Section 13 – Measuring Results with Analytics
  • Section 14 – Making Money with YouTube

All in all, I found the course very useful and if you are lucky enough to buy the course on sale like I did then it is not a big investment for the amount of information you get. I am keen to do more courses so will most likely be doing the Video Ranking Academy Course next. I will also be reviewing it but let me know in the comments below if you think there are any courses I should do

Plus keep an eye out for our post about How to make a Udemy course. Doing this course inspired us to learn how to set up and film a Udemy course so we will be bringing that content to you soon.