Have you ever come across a random video on YouTube, watched it and then found yourselves hours later way down deep in the rabbit hole that is YouTube watching consecutive videos on this random topic you have now seemingly become obsessed with? Not only is it bad enough you spent hours watching videos on that day but now YouTube knows you like that topic and you can’t resist but watch one more video each time they recommend it. Don’t worry, you are not alone! I have recently come to terms with the fact that I have 3 rather random YouTube obsessions and I strongly believe everyone has their own Youtube obsessions that they may be a bit embarrassed to share (one of my favourite things to do at parties is put people on the spot and ask what their Youtube obsessions are; it can tell you a lot about a person!)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I am going to be sharing with you my top 3 strange YouTube obsessions at the moment but before I do I think I should give you a brief overview of my personality and why it is a bit odd that I spend so many hours watching the videos I do.

I am an entrepreneur and some of the qualities that entrepreneurs need to have are to be able to hustle, get things done on a shoe-string budget, learn to have a diverse set of skills and focus more on getting sh*t done and less on perfection. Generally, there are very few entrepreneurs who are perfectionists. My attitude is to complete the task to the highest of your abilities within the timeframe permitted. I would never miss a deadline because I didn’t feel what I had to deliver was not perfect.

Being an entrepreneur means I am busy and have a pretty full-on schedule. I am generally on the go and really struggle with things like sitting still and meditation, but I am working on it! I am terrible at cooking in general but baking is my biggest struggle. I don’t like to follow recipes or strict instructions, I am a little too quick to substitute ingredients I don’t have and so consequently most attempts at baking end in disaster.

So, now that you know all of that about me you may be surprised to hear that these are my 3 YouTube obsessions:

  • Miniature Real Food Cooking

This YouTube obsession first began with watching a random video of tiny food cooking years ago. If you aren’t familiar with miniature food cooking it is the creation of real, edible miniature food using miniature utensils and appliances. I find it absolutely mesmerising. Everything is done so methodically, slowly and there is no fancy editing or background music to make it exciting. I can watch for hours and never not feel amazed at the creations that can be made in miniature. One of the top creators is Minature Space and this is one of their more recent videos which has been extremely popular.

  • Japanese Rock Balancing

As the name suggests these videos consist of people trying to balance rocks in rivers in Japan. They don’t use any tools to get the rocks to balance but just have endless patience (unlike me!). Again these videos have very little production costs. It’s just a guy sitting in a river, balancing rocks and so I find it extremely calming.

  • Tiny House Tours

Yep back again with the tiny theme. There has been a big movement towards minimalism in recent years, I myself have become more minimalist in the last two years. As part of this movement, a lot more people are building themselves tiny houses and then will often upload a tour of their tiny house. I am obsessed with these tiny house tours!

My favourite part of the tour is seeing the multi-functionality of all the items in the house. Because of such a restriction in space everything has to be multi-purpose. It amazes me when a coffee table turns into a stool, but is also a storage unit and becomes part of other aspects of the house. Below is one of my favourite tours because I love the aesthetic, open plan, natural light but also all the multi-purpose furniture.


When I look at all my YouTube obsessions I think there is a common theme in that they are all very slow and calm. My life can be pretty chaotic so watching some of these videos can help me to relax and switch off.

I would love to hear if you have any strange YouTube obsessions. Just leave a comment below and I will check out some of your favourite videos.