Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would have no doubt heard of a thing called a ‘video podcast’, or sometimes referred to as a vodcast. But what actually is a ‘vodcast’? To answer that question it might be easier if we break it down, and look at the origins of the word ‘podcast’.

What is a Vodcast?


What is a Podcast?

The word is actually a relatively new one in the English language and was conceived in the mid-noughties with the conception of the iPod fathered by Apple. It was first noted by Ban Hammersly in the Guardian in 2004, where he listed possible names that could be given to the new medium. Therefore, the ‘pod’ derives from ‘iPod’ and the ‘cast’ section is taken from the idea of a ‘broadcast’, such as a radio broadcast.

Podcasts are basically audio files that are shared through the internet and other web-based servers, for purchase or free that one can download and listen to in their free time, on demand and as many time as they like. It is often referred to as a radio-on-demand.

What is a Vodcast?

A vodcast or video podcast is a step beyond podcasts where video or images are added on top the audio files. Unlike YouTube, you can download these files onto your computer or other devices. Where, when and how you what to watch the videos is up to the viewer. Vodcasts appeal to many viewers as they are usually ad-free can be viewed without an internet connection.

How can I find the Vodcasts I want?

You can easily purchase and download Vodcasts and Podcasts from such applications as iTunes and other networks such as the ABC offer free and paid vodcasts on their website. iTunes even offers subscription-based agreements where they will notify you and automatically download the vodcast for your own disposal. Most servers are broken into different topics and categories so you can easily find the vodcasts that call to you the most.

Sure, you can always use YouTube to watch your favourite videos, but I find it so much easier to find insightful and educational videos on vodcast services.