The Youtube Universe was shook last week when it was revealed that Anthony Padilla, one half of the original comedy duo of SMOSH, had decided to leave the Youtube Channel indefinitely. And as expected die-hard SMOSH fans were in virtual tears (or as teary as one can convey on video comments) when the star broke the news on his new independent channel. In a quick, but heartfelt 5-minute video, Anthony outlines the reasons why he left the channel that he helped build, and what gave him his noteriety.

SMOSH Breakup


Anthony starts the video reminiscing on SMOSH’s earliest days, where it was a private website where his friends and himself could talk through and share videos. From there Anthony and Ian progressed to Youtube where they started to make videos, just for the purpose of making eachother laugh, and their growing fanbase to be entertained. This isn’t new information for the die-hard SMOSH fans out there who have been alongside the duo since conception, but there is something humbling and meloncholy the way the artist recounts years gone by.

Anthony gets teary as he admits that it’s these memories that have made it hard to come to terms that SMOSH has changed, and in his words, “a brand, owned by a company.” Anthony says that as it is now a company, there is a filter on the content he wants to share and his attitudes, and his overall persona and he’s grown tired of it. He has to do things that are in his own best interest.

Anthony concludes his video by explaining the raw mix of emotions he feels in following this independent journey. The star is terrified of walkign away from the SMOSH label, that gave him his name but he’s excited to start his own creative journey, the way he wants to, with no filter and no limitations. He reassures the fans watching that Ian and him are still best friends, and that he will still see Ian, but he just has to follow his own path, for his own sanity and creative genus.

Though some SMOSH fans think that Anthony’s departure will mean the death of SMOSH, or the ‘beginning of the end’ as one comment prophesised, whatever happens to the brand that is SMOSH, it’s clear that Ian and Anthony, the original creators, will be making videos and flaunting their creative juices no matter what happens.

Good luck Anthony…we’re all rooting for you.