With only two seasons left until our favourite action-based television show wraps up, with the 7th season debuting out next month, the drama is heating up. And the newest trailer has left fans drooling, as they scrutinise every frame that they creators deem us worthy. Already we can see that this season is going to be as epic as the last, with many more surprises and award-winning battle scenes.

Game of Thrones Trailer Release


The first twenty seconds of the trailer open with a close-up shot of Sansa walking across the icy verges of the Winterfell garden. The haunting score from last year’s season finale is overlayed (a formidable forecast…let’s hope not) whilst Littlefinger’s voice cuts across that presumably informing Sansa to fight “every battle, everywhere…in your mind.” We just know Littlefinger is planning something big.

We then see snapshots of all the other major combative players looking sombre and stoic; Jon, Cersei, Daenerys, Arya and Jamie. These five characters are really the major action-setters of the television series, and where they will take the next season is a much-anticipated secret. Will Daenerys conquer Cersei? Will Jon have to fight from both fronts; from the Whitewalkers from the North and Cersei from the South? Will Jon and Daenerys see eye to eye or are they destined to battle?

Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer


Then we see a shot of The Mother of Dragons herself, ripping down a Stannis Baratheon sigil, obviously on Dragonstone, whilst Jon Snow’s voice plays over the top, which does seem to foreshadow some resistance from him to join Daenerys. This is followed by a shot of her three dragons sweeping across Dragonstone, and finally a shot of Tyrion looking quite worried. Is he destined to fight his own brother and sister to the death?

We see a shot of Theon and Grey Worm, seemingly getting ready to siege a castle, and a shot of Brienne and Podrick together still, with snow falling. Then a few quick shots of the Hound in combat (yay!), a ship battle, a Lannister army, a sky of crows, a white walker, and then Bran, in a beautifully carved armchair with what looked like a maester watching over him. WHO? New character?

Then we see some old favourites, Beric Dondarrion with Thoros of Myr’s burning sword. What happened to ole’ Thoros? Some Greyjoy ships, (probably led by Victarrion) heading towards the Red Keep, to assist Cersei, no doubt, or maybe challenge her. Then a shot of the unsullied and Jamie on his sword across a separate battlefield. Then an impressive shot of Drogon as he sweeps across the land, and a close-up of his pearly whites.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer


Then finally, everything goes white as we return up somewhere North, possibly beyond the Wall and Sansa’s voice over cuts the score. “The lone wolf dies…but the pack survives.” What does that mean? Is Sansa simply stating the Starks live on…or is this foreboding something deeper. Will another Stark die?

I guess we will have to wait to find out…