I just had my first vlogging experience guest starring in Jane Lu’s vlog. It was so much fun and I learnt a tonne! It has also gotten me really excited to start vlogging for Synoply. Jane is the founder of Showpo, an online fashion website and we were both presenting at the Retail Global Conference in the Gold Coast which is what the vlog is about.

Jane has a huge social media following on Instagram but is relatively new to vlogging and so this was only her 7th vlog. The vlog was shot on the iPhone 7 plus with an Osmo. I was actually quite impressed with the sound quality because I have watched a lot of negative reviews on YouTube of the Osmo.

It was really interesting being in a vlog instead of watching one for once and quite different to my expectations.

Here is what I learnt guest starring in a vlog:

  • Tell a story

Jane took us on a journey with her vlog. Starting in her hotel room where she did an intro telling us the purpose of her trip and what she would be vlogging about, she tagged the locations and introduced us to the ‘characters’ by putting our names, titles and what company we are from. She also used titles to alert us to when she was changing locations so we could keep up with the story.

  • Always be rolling

If you watch the vlog you will notice we talk about how the funny moments seemed to happen when Jane wasn’t recording. Jane decided to change tactics and just keep filming in case something funny happens. There ended up being a funny interaction with our waiter Diego that if she hadn’t already been filming we probably wouldn’t have captured. The lesson here was to constantly be filming just in case. The footage is probably a nightmare to go through later but better to have heaps of footage than miss those key moments.

  • Own the failures 

At one point Jane tried to recreate a scene from a movie and even though it ended up being a total disaster it was actually really hilarious especially when you contrasted it against the actual footage. Instead of just thinking that it didn’t turn out and cutting the footage you can turn it into a joke.

  • Fill in the blanks

When Jane goes up on stage to be auctioned she was just filming on her iPhone out into the crowd but the main action was happening on stage. Luckily she was able to get the footage from out in the crowd so that we could see her perspective but also what it looked like from the crowd.

  • Don’t forget the camera is rolling

Now that we have learnt to keep the camera rolling don’t be surprised if you capture embarrassing moments along with the goods ones! If you are guest starring in someone else’s vlog don’t expect to have creative control of the final product and there may be some embarrassing moments captured, especially when there is a free alcohol involved! Luckily Jane is still learning and so she missed some of my more embarrassing moments like when I jumped up on stage.

  • Vlogs aren’t just for YouTube

It seems silly now but I had always just associated vlogs with YouTube, however, having seen the traction Jane got on Facebook has made me realise the importance of sharing your content on multiple platforms. Within 24 hours it had 25,000 views on her Facebook page even though it only has 3,000 likes. Meanwhile, on YouTube, it had 400 views within 24 hours and she has nearly 800 subscribers. Jane has over 150,000 followers on Instagram and even though she promoted the YouTube link on it Facebook had more traction. For someone starting out you should definitely post on both platforms to give you a better chance to grow your following.

I am off to Melbourne next week and so have committed to filming my first vlog. I also just got my first piece of vlogging equipment but more on that later. I have decided that for every vlog I film I am going to take you all behind the scenes of how I filmed and then edited it so you can hopefully learn from my experience.

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