Elyse Daniels Synoply FounderHi! I am Elyse, a 29 year old Entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia who is video obsessed! My family has always loved filming videos and recording memories. It all started with my Grandfather who was an early-adopter of the video camera and most technologies actually. He was extremely curious. He passed down his love of recording memories to my Mum who is always guaranteed to be filming you right at the most awkward moment like when you have a mouthful of food! When I was little it used to annoy me that Mum would always be filming and she would just say ‘one day you will be glad I recorded all of these moments’ and she was right.

I made a few videos when I was younger for school projects, amateur music videos (as you do) and just general filming for my Mum at family get-togethers. The turning point was when I was asked to edit a video of focus group sessions at my first proper job as a Marketing Assistant. I think they just assumed that because I was the youngest person in the company I should be able to do it. I used Windows Movie Maker because that is what was installed on the computer and I remember remaking the video so many times because the software would keep crashing; it gave me lots of practice.

When I joined the family business JEM Promotional Products a year later I filmed, edited and uploaded my first video to YouTube. I would much rather keep it buried in the dark depths of the YouTube archives but for the sake of full-disclosure I will share it below:

From that point onward I would film and edit videos for my parents company and then my first business Exodus Wear. In December of 2011 after filming the Christmas video for my parents company I was going away to a friend’s farm and decided to take the camera with me. I captured the whole weekend and afterwards I edited it using Adobe Premiere Pro and shared it with family and friends. The response was great and I had enjoyed making it so much I continued to make videos about all sorts of things. Whether it was family outings, travel or for work.

Over the years I have seen the consumption of video change so much and have always intently followed along with new trends. In 2017 I decided to turn this passion into my next project and that is how Synoply was born. I chose the name Synoply because I want this blog to be a synopsis of everything happening in video. We are going to be covering literally EVERYTHING video related. From equipment reviews, vlogger interviews, movie and music trailer releases, TED Talks, video related events like VidCon, what videos are trending and of course reviews of all the different video editing programmes and apps.

We have a great team of contributors who are all just as passionate about video as me so subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you get your weekly roundup of the blogs for the week. To get us started Sebastian is going to be covering some recent reports that the likes of Cisco and Technavio have published outlined the strong growth happening in video.

If you have any topic ideas or just general feedback please do not hesitate to email us at marketing@synoply.com